Bromiley Law grand opening.

We are pleased to announce the grand opening of Bromiley Law, PLLC. After almost 10 years at the largest law firm in central Washington, Kevin Bromiley is scratching his entrepreneurial itch.

Bromiley Law provides outside general counsel services to businesses throughout central Washington. We represent a number of businesses with hundreds of employees and tens of millions of dollars in annual revenue. We also represent many small businesses with one employee and more modest annual revenue. And we represent many businesses in between.

We provide estate planning, probate, and real estate services to individuals and families. We work on large, taxable estates utilizing sophisitaced estate planning techniques. We also provide simple estate planning for a flat fee for simple estates. We administer complex and contested probate matters, including probate litigation, as well as simple, straight-forward probates. We work on large, complex real estate transactions involving commercial properties, agricultural land, and residential developments. We also provide flat fee services for simple real estate transactions.

For any other legal needs, we have a large network of trusted professionals to whom we gladly refer clients.

We are located at 227 Ohme Garden Road in Wenatchee, and are proud to share office space with Evergreen Accounting and Waypoint Wealth Management.

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