After nearly a decade of experience at the largest law firm in central Washington, Kevin Bromiley opened Bromiley Law in 2015.  In 2018, he partnered with Bryce Mackay, a partner at the same central Washington law firm, to form Bromiley Mackay, PLLC.  In 2022, Clint Williams joined the firm as a partner, which created Bromiley Mackay Williams, PLLC.  


For businesses, we provide outside general counsel services to organizations with hundreds of employees and ten-figure budgets down to
single-person startups, and everything in between.  For individuals, we offer advice for many of life's big decisions: buying real estate, getting married, estate planning, retirement, etc.


Business Transactions 

Real Estate Transactions 

Estate Planning & Probate 

Land Use 

Civil Litigation




Agriculture  ||  Health Care  ||  Dentistry  ||  Construction  ||  Technology  ||  Real Estate  ||  Hospitality